Aloha everyone!

I am Maikai Gents, a college student in the morning and a surfer slash surfing trainer after classes.

I am a true blue fan of surfing. Growing up in the coastal areas of Hawaii gave me such kind of passion for the beach and surfing. I enjoy the sport a lot as much as I enjoy the sound of the waves and the feel of the water as it gushes onto my body.

I grew up in a family and with a community who love the sea, marine biodiversity, and everything that concerns the ocean. Hence, I created this blog website to share my passion, my family’s passion, and my community’s passion for the ocean and everything surrounding it.

I created this blog to share bits and pieces of my surfing life. I also made this site to express my thoughts and channel my passion towards loving and taking care of our marine biodiversity.

Some people tend to merely enjoy the treasures of the ocean without being concerned about the damages that people are actually inflicting to it. Most of us only take the benefit but never do anything that the ocean would benefit. Thus, through my posts, I believe that I am doing extra effort to go an extra mile in being of service to the marine life and helping it survive.

I hope that through my posts, you would be able to gain some sort of enlightenment about anything that concerns the sea, surfing, and the marine creatures.

Thank you for choosing to read my blogs. Have a great day!

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