Beach Wedding Venue Spots

Posted By on June 23, 2013


If you feel like tying the knot at the beach, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Opting for a beach wedding venue is always perfect for those who like to wed during the summer months where blue sky and blue waters meet. A beach wedding never fails to look and feel heavenly, which are the very reasons that a lot of couples would still opt for this kind of wedding despite some challenges.  Here are the top beach wedding venues located at the different parts of the world:

The Caribbean – If there is one place that you should not miss while choosing a beach wedding venue, it would have to be the Caribbean as it holds some of the best beaches in the world. For one, it has The British Virgin Islands that never fails to wow both locals and tourists. Thanks to its natural landmarks like the Normal Island Caves, Horseshoe Reef on Anegada, and the inviting pool on Jost van Dyke, that all make every wedding event a truly mesmerizing experience. On the one hand, resorts like Peter Island Resorts and Spa and Scrub Island Resort, Spa, and Marina. Be in any of these resorts, and you’ll have a place to tie the knot and to celebrate the honeymoon. The Bahamas is another popular destination wedding in the Caribbean. Celebrities and notable personalities opt for pristine beaches, scenic views, and endless ways to relax. The Pelican Bay is the place to go at The Bahamas.

Asia – This continent is renowned for its tropical climate, natural resources, rich culture, and a wide plethora of beach wedding venues to exchange vows. Do the countries Malaysia, Thailand, and Maldives ring a bell? They sure do because these are the top destinations that couples go whenever they think of beach wedding venues. These places are a combination of warmth, beauty, and grandeur that can make every newlyweds look beautiful in whatever beach wedding dresses they opt to wear. Enjoy grand weddings at Four Seasons Hotel and Resorts at Langkawi and Pangkor Laut Resort, both located in Malaysia. Meanwhile, Koh Samui Boutique Resort and Le Meridien are surely the best places to say “I do” in Thailand. These are all luxury resorts that spell beauty and relaxation. Maldives, on the one hand, has Adaaran Club Ranalhi and Shangri-La’s Viringili Resort to boast of.

Check out these locations and you’ll surely get more thrilled to the idea of having a beach wedding. Oh, don’t forget to tell your guests that they should start preparing for their beach guest dresses to match the wonderful sites for your wedding. They say marriage is a milestone, so why not start it at some of the most beautiful places on Earth?

The History of Lavender in Hawaii

Posted By on March 7, 2013

Single_lavendar_flower02The past of lavender in the region Europe is famous to those who are in love with this perfumed herb. On the other hand it took a number of investigator works to realize with reference to the olden times of lavender in Hawaii. All of it began during the time that a lavender farmhouse on my household isle of Maui requested me to aid compose a book on the subject of the plant.

The proprietor of the farmhouse, who is of Hawaiian lineage, has a kind of mystical intelligence with reference to the history of the lavender plant in the Islands. The man said to me that he was certain it was a flower treasured and utilized by the dignity and royalties of the Kingdom of Hawaiian, and he inquired me to catch on exactly how this Mediterranean flower grew here.

In view of the fact that my field is authoring in relation to the past of Hawaii, I keenly instigated the exploration.

I accomplished a head start, for the reason that the farm people had been provided with a reproduction of a tune named Pua Lavender, or the lavender flower in English, printed in the year 1870 in a Hawaiian broadsheet. It was a saccharine love tune, wherein the dearly loved is likened to a lavender blossom.

There were a lot of Hawaiian broadsheets in the 19th century, reproducing traditional poems, stories, and the bulletin of the time. Providentially for persons of us who do not deliver Hawaiian and do not have schedule to nose about in records, there is a scheme to digitize all the ancient broadsheets, and a lot of them are existing on the Internet at this moment.

When I checked out the virtual newspaper group, I discovered a couple of old ads that stated lavender. One was coming from the year 1849, telling the insides of a novel delivery that comprised merchandises reaching from ladies’ snowy silk nylons to marinades to cord, and counting lavender water.

Makai Gents Golf Courses

Posted By on February 2, 2013


When busy with work, the best thing that you can do for yourself is to create some twist with your hectic schedule. When we are going to talk about leisure time, there are now plenty of options that you can choose at. Most of the people today find important recreational sports which are not only a hobby for them, but a way for them to stay fit and healthy. When it comes to that aspect, one of the popular choices of sports by many today is golf.

If you only have the skill to play golf, then both young and adult can go immediately to golf courses with their golf trolleys and enjoy the game right away. When it comes to playing golf, you have to look for a perfect place where you can hit the ball into the speed that you want, and therefore wide range of golf course is necessary. One of the most visited golf courses today are those of Makai Gents. This is the best place that golfers can gather for their game and even for their professional tournament.

When you are fond of playing golf, then all you have to do is to just complete all the golf equipments. Aside from that, it would be best also if you can be able to visit the Makai Gents so that you can be familiar with the place also. This is now known for being an award-winning golf course, and therefore, it is no wonder why people came to visit and play their golf courses.

They also have various clubhouses to stay during the break time of the game. Therefore, you will not only enjoy playing golf by yourself, but on the other hand, you can bring your family in Makai Gents, and have them watch you playing your sport. Aside from that, you can have a full relaxation with your family also as you stay in their one of the best club houses and cottages.

You will be calmed with their environment as it is being covered by green grasses and colorful flowers as well. This is the only golf course which looks more than just a course, since generally, when you can see the place; you would have thought that it is an amazing park. Thus, when planning to have your game here, all you have to do is to visit the place and hit the game right away. You can check for more information on this website


Summer Getaway in Hawaii

Posted By on January 15, 2013

SL0019_500pxHawaii is undoubtedly the most visited destination of beach bum as the summer season comes. It is known for its pristine beaches and great sunny weather. The best thing about Hawaii is that you can visit seven various islands to enjoy your summer vacation. Most of the tourists who go to the place take a trip to one or two islands. To those who are planning to visit just one island, my advice for you is to properly select the best island that will surely suit your taste. Here are some tips and bits of information that could help you choose the island in which you would love to spend your summer vacation.

Most people who travel to Hawaii choose the Island of Oahu. This is the capital of the state the home of the most celebrated Waikiki beach. The island welcomes hundreds of thousands visitors each year. People who go in this Island mostly stay in Waikiki beach. It is the abode of famous hotels along the beach such as Moana Surfrider and Royal Hawaiian. Although the hotels by the beach are quite expensive, room rates in Oahu are mostly cheaper compared to the other rooms in different islands. And if you are a fan of surfing, you must definitely take a visit to North Shore which is the place of the biggest waves in the whole world. Aside from the North Shore, you can also visit the Turtle Beach which is the place where most sea turtles lay their eggs and breed.

Maui is the second most popular island in Hawaii. Most celebrities choose this place because of the peaceful and serene atmosphere that it provides. The popular destination in Maui is Wailea. I have to warn you though that this place is the most expensive of all the hotels in Hawaii, but every penny is definitely worth it as it brings the best beach spots in the world, which is indeed priceless.

The Big Island could also be another choice for you. This is the biggest island in Hawaii that is segmented into two areas; one is called Hilo and the other is called Kona. Most of the resorts are found in Kona. The Big Island offers an experience of a lifetime as it brings you close to an active volcano.